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We at Joubert have specialized in real estate development for 10 years.

The company is now ready for its next chapter: mixed-use development, seamlessly integrating spaces for work, life and play.

There’s one major reason that President and CEO Paige Lentz has decided to move her company into the mixed-use development business: meaning.


“I only choose projects that have depth and purpose,” she says. “I build for no other reason than to contribute to the significance of a project’s surroundings.”

Paige values projects in which her creativity has no boundaries. And her business model, which includes no advertising, is a testament to her success. 

“People see my work, and it speaks for itself,” she says. “I do a good job at it.”

The Joubert Design Difference


In a word: streamlined.

We operate as a unit, coming together from Day One to integrate all perspectives for the greater good of the project. 

Nobody swoops in mid-project to do their piece and leave before it’s all done.

Joubert team members sing from the same song sheet from the beginning.


People notice our projects, but not because they upstage their surroundings.

Joubert projects draw off of the beauty and values of their communities. 

President Paige Lentz says it best: “When people drive by our projects, they don’t know whether they were done 100 years ago or yesterday.”


Quality design and construction do not belong to just one group of people. Paige says, “I believe in the value of all people. I want our projects to be for everybody, not just those with the most resources.” 

Joubert seeks to make a positive contribution to its communities. We make a practice of reaching out to community members from the beginning of a project to make sure they have a voice in the process.

The Joubert Team

Joubert President Paige Lentz can’t do superior work all alone. Her high standards require that she work with consummate professionals. The Joubert team combines the unique strengths of each member to achieve the highest-quality work for every project it takes on.

Chuck Bower
Chuck Bower
Project Manager
Kristy Maestas
Kristy Maestas
Karen Love
Karen Love
Project Coordinator & Office Manager
San Antonio
Bill McCalister
Bill McCalister
Risk Manager, Business Development Manager
San Antonio

431 S. Franklin Street

Home Builders Association of Metro Denver BAR Awards
Best in-Fill Home, Silver Award, 2007

Home Builders Association of Metro Denver Remodelers' Council
Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence (C.A.R.E.) Historic Remodel, Honorable Mention, 2007

We at Joubert take great pride in this award-winning home. We set out to recreate a vintage Arts and Crafts-style house, marrying detailed craftsmanship with the amenities of new construction. Our favorite features include 118-year-old reclaimed white oak hardwood flooring and beams salvaged from a barn in Michigan; stained and leaded glass using the patterns and colors popular in early 1900s Arts and Crafts-style bungalows; and unique light fixtures dating to the late 1800s.

460 S. Franklin

Home Builders Association of Metro Denver BAR Awards

Best Custom Home Under 4,000 Square Feet, Silver Award, 2006

That’s right – we have two award-winning homes on one block! Washington Park is such a unique and beautiful area of Denver. We’ve always been drawn to its time-honored traditions and strong architectural character. This home includes Robinson Brick “Ballpark Bricks,” which were created for Coors Field. We selected archived paint colors popular from the mid-19th Century through  the 1940s. And we also tracked down vintage art noveau tiles and historically appropriate wallpaper from England. The result: Another Arts and Crafts-style home that both honors its surroundings and stands out for thoughtful design. 

881 S. Gilpin Street

Mayor’s Award for Design Excellence, 2006: Home Is Where the Heart Is

We partnered with owners Amy Graziano and Dick O’Connell to drastically expand their living space while staying true to the neighborhood’s aesthetic. Amy was the original owner of the lot’s 400-square-foot home. We scraped the structure, building a home of more than 2,500 square feet that was recognized by the Denver Mayor for its contribution to the public realm through innovative design.