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In a word: streamlined.

We operate as a unit, coming together from Day One to integrate all perspectives for the greater good of the project. 

Nobody swoops in mid-project to do their piece and leave before it’s all done.

Joubert team members sing from the same song sheet from the beginning.


People notice our projects, but not because they upstage their surroundings.

Joubert projects draw off of the beauty and values of their communities. 

President Paige Lentz says it best: “When people drive by our projects, they don’t know whether they were done 100 years ago or yesterday.”


Quality design and construction do not belong to just one group of people. Paige says, “I believe in the value of all people. I want our projects to be for everybody, not just those with the most resources.” 

Joubert seeks to make a positive contribution to its communities. We make a practice of reaching out to community members from the beginning of a project to make sure they have a voice in the process.