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We build homes that we'd be pleased to live in ourselves.

What’s the secret of our home-building success? Highly principled, experienced craftsmen plus a woman’s flair for detail.


Joubert President Paige Lentz fosters a communicative and transparent working atmosphere for every project. 

From blueprints to countertops, Paige oversees every aspect of the home-building process, an arrangement that elevates her team to consider even the smallest detail and do their best work.

A Joubert home is one of a kind.

What Joubert Homeowners Say

We care about how Joubert homeowners feel about both the homebuilding experience and the home itself. Here’s what they said in third-party interviews.



The Joubert experience is low-stress, and even enjoyable and rewarding. It’s a beautiful distraction.

Joubert appreciates and honors the heritage and legacy of its clients’ communities and neighborhoods.


Joubert tailors its approach for each client’s vision and expectations.

Joubert's passion for its work ensures that the client’s best interests always come first.


Joubert researches and incorporates the architectural details that uphold the authenticity and distinct character of the home.